Accenture Announces New Head of Blockchain Innovation

Global professional services giant Accenture has announced a new executive hiring as part of its focus on developing cross-industry blockchain initiatives.

The new team member, Iliana Oris Valiente, will serve as managing director and global blockchain innovation lead for Accenture’s emerging technology group, which develops prototypes and cutting-edge solutions aimed ultimately to help organizations maximize their performance.

Valiente, who recently founded the ColliderX blockchain R&D hub, will oversee the growth of the company’s blockchain capabilities, as well as its blockchain talent pool. Based in Accenture’s blockchain practice in Canada, she will also serve as blockchain advisor to the firm’s strategic growth initiatives steering committee.

Valiente brings to Accenture notable experience in the enterprise blockchain field, having been a co-founder of Deloitte’s Rubix blockchain initiative and being instrumental in driving that firm’s move into distributed ledger consulting and development before her departure in May.

Simon Whitehouse, senior managing director and head of Accenture’s global blockchain practice, described why Valiente was the firm’s choice for the role, saying:

“Her knowledge, leadership and ability to act as a conduit between the blockchain developer community and business will be a strong asset to our clients and leadership as we help a range of industries leverage distributed ledger technology.”

Accenture building image via Shutterstock

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