Adjust Gnome Terminal Transparency

In the case of Linux, there are a number of terminals available to use. Among those, GNOME Terminal is one of the most popular ones. It’s a part of the GNOME software family that offers a great user experience for everyone. GNOME Terminal comes up with a nice, default coloring and other features like modern UI.

However, the terminal can be a pretty boring place to work on as there are not a number of default themes to play with. An awesome trick is to make the background transparent so that the desktop background can become the background of the terminal itself. Things can really become interesting then.

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GNOME Terminal

If your Linux distro uses GNOME as its desktop environment, then it’s highly likely that you already have GNOME Terminal as the default terminal emulator.

If your system isn’t using GNOME, it’s still possible to get GNOME Terminal. You can either get it from your software repository or build it from source. You can obtain the appropriate instruction for building the terminal app from source on Linux from Scratch.

Adjusting Terminal Transparency

I believe that you have GNOME Terminal ready to go. Now, it’s time to finally make it transparent!

At first, launch the terminal window.

The background is a solid color, right? Now, go to Edit >> Preferences.

There, go to the “Colors” tab.

Here, uncheck the “Use transparency from system theme” and check “Use transparent background”.

Now, you’ll notice that the slider is activated. Just move it right and left to adjust the transparency level.

Once you’re all set, just press “Close”.

Here’s the final interface of the terminal. Enjoy!

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