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Monday, May 25, 2020

Andreas Antonopoulos Joins E-Commerce Company CoinSimple

Bitcoin security expert Andreas Antonopoulos has joined e-commerce company CoinSimple as an advisor.

The Hong Kong-based platform enables customers to choose how they process their digital currency payments. They can use BitPay, Coinbase, GoCoin or do it themselves via Armory and Electrum wallets.

This isn’t the first time Antonopoulos has worked with the company, CoinSimple confirmed in a statement:

“Andreas has been involved in various roles with CoinSimple since the company’s formation and his role as an advisor will allow him to help shape CoinSimple’s future and core product.”

SaaS beta

CoinSimple argues it can provide the best bitcoin price for its customers, as they can use multiple payment processors simultaneously and shop around for the best offer at any given time.

The platform can also accept more than one cryptocurrency depending on the choice of payment processor and customers can switch between processors automatically if one goes out of action.

CoinSimple is launching its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product at the Inside Bitcoins conference in London today. The company said additional plugins for e-commerce store functionality will be released at a later date.

CoinSimple’s user dashboard.

Antonopoulos said he is confident in CoinSimple’s platform:

“CoinSimple’s commitment to decentralized solutions for payment processing, including the Do-It-Yourself solution that CoinSimple offers, as well as the strength and the proven execution record of the team, give me the confidence that CoinSimple will bring more consultants and e-commerce merchants to the bitcoin ecosystem.”

Last year, CoinSimple’s potential was also recognised by seed-stage funding outfit Seedcoin when the incubator invested 200 BTC in the company during its SF1 round.

Multiple advisor roles

Earlier this month, Antonopoulos announced he was leaving the post of chief security officer at bitcoin wallet and information services company Blockchain. He is now an advisor to the company’s board.

In recent years Antonopoulos has advised several bitcoin startups, lectured on cryptocurrencies and published more than two hundred articles on security, cryptography, cloud computing, data centres and a range of other topics.

He currently works at RootEleven, a technology incubator he founded in January 2013, which focuses on cryptocurrencies.

Disclaimer: CoinDesk founder Shakil Khan is an investor in BitPay.

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