Bitreserve Taps Former Nike Exec to Help ‘Democratize Money’

“Bitcoin and digital money are where finance is headed.”

Describing it as a process to “democratize money”, Anthony Watson, the former Nike CIO who earlier this week was announced as Bitreserve’s new president and COO, says he believes his company’s platform will help spearhead a push to what he called “cloud-based money”.

“Technology and cloud-based money are pushing the boundaries of our financial industry and reinforcing technology’s transformative impact. Finance is the one sector that hasn’t really seen competition or disruption to date,” he said in an email.

According to a blog post penned by Bitreserve founder Halsey Minor, Watson will help spearhead the company’s efforts to grow globally and liaise with companies and individual in the broader financial space.

At Nike, Watson lead the development of an initiative aimed at reshaping Nike’s approach to technology and cybersecurity strategy. Prior to working for the global sports brand, Watson served as senior technology executive for Barclays Bank PLC, and before that served stints at Wells Fargo, Internet bank First-e Bancorp and Microsoft.

Watson also sits on the board of directors for GLAAD, the LGBT media watchdog based in the US.

He said that he hopes Bitreserve’s platform will help deliver more financial resources to those who otherwise lack access. Beyond access, Watson said that he sees individual empowerment arising from the development and adoption of digital currencies.

Watson explained:

“Cloud-based money and digital wallets are putting the consumer back in control of where their money is held and how it’s being used, and so for the first time, we as a society are being forced to think differently about how our financial system is working.”

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