eBook – Learn how to make get unlimited AWS accounts with $5k 10k credit + OVH Cloud $10k credit

eBook – Learn how to make unlimited AWS accounts with $5k credit + OVH Cloud $10k credit

Price : $500 USDT/PAYPAL

Contact : https://t.me/sxillc

eBook FAQs

Q. When will I receive the eBook?
A. Within 24 hours.

Q. What’s inside the eBook?
A. You will receive a PDF that gives instructions on how to make AWS accounts loaded with $5k credit. There are 2x methods to generate the AWS credits and 1x method to generate OVH Cloud credit. The eBook also comes with templates to help you with making the accounts.

Q. Are there any requirements for the eBook method?
A. I recommend having $10 per account (but it can be done for $0, it’s just easier with $10). VPN is recommended. Some very basic HTML knowledge is needed to edit the templates provided. You will need a credit card or VCC to create accounts. The eBook will show you ways to do this.

Q. How long does it take to create an account from the eBook method?
A. Anywhere from 1-3 weeks approximately.

Q. How many accounts can I make with the eBook?
A. There are no limits. You can make as many accounts as you want.

Q. Does the eBook guarantee accounts loaded with $5k credit?
A. No. However, the instructions provided is the exact method I use to create accounts. It has not failed me yet.

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