Fedora 11 Upgrade Tutorial

I‘ve already got Fedora 10 and want to upgrade to Fedora 11. How do I upgrade my computer from Fedora Linux 10 to Fedora Linux 11?

Fedora 11 can be directly upgraded over the Internet using the various methods available. Backup all your data (/home and other directories), config file and sql files. Use tools such as rsync or tar to make backup to CD / DVD or other server.

Login as root user to perform upgrade.

WARNING! It is not possible to upgrade directly from Fedora 9 to Fedora 11. To upgrade Fedora 9 to Fedora 11, upgrade to Fedora 10 first. Make sure you backup imporant data before using the information provided below. Also, the yum update step should NOT be run inside a gnome / kdep desktop session/gnome-terminal. It could result in a unusable install when gnome-terminal segfaults during the upgrade. Update should be run in a vty, runlevel 3, or a screen session.

Apply Fedora 10 Patches and Software Updates

Type the following command to apply existing update:
# yum update rpm
# yum -y update
# yum clean all
Reboot the system if a new kernel installed for Fedora 10 (otherwise skip to next step):
# reboot

Upgrade Fedora 10 to Fedora 11

Type the following commands to perform actual upgrade:
# yum install preupgrade
# preupgrade

If you need GUI tool, enter:
# preupgrade-gui

How do I Upgrade Fedora 10 Server?

Backup everything and type the following commands as root user:
# yum -y update
# yum install preupgrade
# preupgrade-cli
# reboot

How Do I Upgrade Fedora 10 Using CD / DVD?

Apply existing patches to fedora 10:
# yum -y update

Backup all required data, config and sql files.

Insert CD / DVD into CDROM and reboot the system. Make sure BIOS is configured to boot from CD / DVD.

To perform an upgrade, select Perform an upgrade of an existing installation. Click Next when you are ready to begin your upgrade.

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