Finnish Startup Denarium Launches ‘Low-Cost’ Physical Bitcoins

Finnish bitcoin startup Denarium has launched a range of “low-cost” physical bitcoins in an attempt to stimulate the digital currency’s adoption.

Bitcoin-loaded and non-loaded Denarium coins, on pre-sale today, are sold in valuations of 1/10th and 1/100th of a bitcoin.

The launch follows in the footsteps of  Casascius, the company that launched its physical bitcoin in 2011. It ceased the sale of bitcoin-loaded coins in 2013.

Henry Brade, Denarium CEO, told CoinDesk:

“Contrary to what some people may believe, Casascius did not stop producing coins because there was a lack of demand. [It] stopped mainly because there were regulation issues.

The regulatory environment here in Finland is clear in regards to manufacturing and selling physical coins, so we are in a good starting place.”

He went on to say his company hopes to make it easier for everyone to get involved in the world of bitcoin.

“We want the coins in the hands of bitcoin enthusiasts all over the world so that they can use them as gifts to friends and family and while doing that they can explain what bitcoin is about,” he added.

The startup is currently focusing its efforts on Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.

Brade said that, as the bitcoin scene matures in Africa, he hopes to sell coins there too. The CEO confirmed South America was also being considered as a potential market.

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