FreeBSD List All Outdated Package

September 8, 2019

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Q. How do I know what packages are available to be updated on my FreeBSD Server system? How do I list all outdated packages under FreeBSD / OpenBSD operating system?

A. Use the pkg_version command which is used to produce a report of software packages installed using the pkg_add command (ports).

Each package name is printed, along with a one-character status flag. Following is the list of all valid status flags:

  1. = The installed version of the package is current.
  2. < The installed version of the package is older than the current version.
  3. > The installed version of the package is newer than the current version. This situation can arise with an out-of-date index file, or when testing new ports.
  4. ? The installed package does not appear in the index. This could be due to an out of date index or a package taken from a PR that has not yet been committed.
  5. * There are multiple versions of a particular software package listed in the index file.
  6. ! The installed package exists in the index but for some reason, pkg_version was unable to compare the version number of the installed package with the corresponding entry in the index.

List all FreeBSD / OpenBSD outdated package

# pkg_version -vIL=

bash-3.2.25                         <   needs updating (index has 3.2.33)
bind94-                      <   needs updating (index has 9.4.2_1)
lynx-2.8.5_2                        <   needs updating (index has,1)
ruby-,1                    <   needs updating (index has,1)
vim-lite-7.1.145                    <   needs updating (index has 7.1.175)

How do I update outdated packages?

See How to: FreeBSD update software and apply security patch.

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