Game Developer Prepared to Return ‘Bitstamp Hack’ Donation

Following concerns raised on Reddit that funds from its recent hack had been donated to iOS game SaruTobi, Bitstamp said it is unlikely to follow up on reports on the matter, leaving the investigation to the authorities.

Speaking to CoinDesk, CEO Nejc Kodric said:

“We have not verified if the donation originated from stolen coins and I don’t think that we are in a position to claim that it did. I think it is best to leave law enforcement agencies to investigate and determine that.”

The company was hacked earlier this year and reportedly lost $5.1m worth of bitcoin, prompting it to halt deposits and shut down its platform entirely.

The exchange later said it would reimburse customers for any lost funds.

While the allegations remain unconfirmed, SaruTobi creator Christian Moss said, “After checking the blockchain, it looks like it could be the case”.

The developer said he would “happily return” a donation of 1BTC if confirmation is received that it was derived from stolen funds.

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