How to add a ssh user in FreeBSD server

Q. How do I add a ssh user in FreeBSD server?

A. All access to the system is achieved via accounts, and all processes are run by users, so user and account management are of integral importance on FreeBSD systems.

Every account on a FreeBSD system has certain information associated with it to identify the account. If you add a user to system, she will able to login via ssh, ftp, mail services etc.

There are three main types of accounts: the Superuser, system users, and user accounts. The Superuser account, usually called root, is used to manage the system with no limitations on privileges. System users run services. Finally, user accounts are used by real people, who log on, read mail, and so forth.

Task: Add user account

You need to use adduser command for adding new users. It creates entries in the system passwd and group files. It will also create a home directory for the new user, copy in the default configuration files (“dotfiles”) from /usr/share/skel, and can optionally mail the new user a welcome message. Just type adduser command as root user:
# adduser

Now above command will ask username, password, shell etc. Once information is confirmed user account will be created in system. Now user can login via ssh (provided that openssh server is installed and configured properly)

Task: Remove/Delete user account

You can use rmuser command to completely remove a user from the system. For example remove a user called vivek, enter:
# rmuser vivek

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