How To Exit From top Command In Linux / Unix / BSD / OS X

I am a new Linux and Unix system users. I was told to use the top command to display and update sorted information about processes. I do not know how to exit from top command. I simply close the Terminal app. How do I exit from top command without closing my Terminal on Linux/Unix-like operating systems?

The top command displays Linux/Unix processes in your Terminal app. You get a dynamic real-time view of a running system. Use top command to see and update information about the top cpu processes on your server. To start top command, just type:
$ top
$ top [options] $ top

How to exit from top command on Linux/Unix-like system

When top is run in interactive (non-logging) mode, it is possible to control the output of top, as well as interactively send signals to processes. When operating top, the two most important keys are help (h or ?) and quit (q) key.

top command option to quit session

You need to just press q (small letter q) to quit or exit from top session.


Alternatively, you could simply use the traditional interrupt key ^C (press CTRL+C) when you are done with top command.

Getting help with top command

To display help just press ?




This tutorial is also available in a quick video format:

(Video 01: How to exit from top command)

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