How To Install CentOS 8 Step by Step with Screenshots

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(: September 29, 2019)

CentOS 8 was released on 24.09.2019 with plenty of new features as discussed in RHEL 8 New features and on CentOS 8 New Features. This guide will discuss how to install CentOS 8 Linux on VirtualBox, KVM, Proxmox VE, RHEV or any other Virtualized / Physical environment.

Step 1: Download CentOS 8 ISO Image

Download a copy of CentOS 8 ISO from CentOS 8 mirror. The ISO files are available under isos directory and CPU architecture.

You can also check All CentOS mirrors near you.{text-align:left} img{margin:0 auto 0 0}

Step 2: Create CentOS 8 bootable USB drive

After the CentOS 8 iso file is downloaded, create a bootable USB drive using dd command if you’re running Linux on your local machine.

Confirm ISO file exists locally.

$ file ~/iso/CentOS-8-x86_64-1905-dvd1.iso 
/home/jmutai/iso/CentOS-8-x86_64-1905-dvd1.iso: DOS/MBR boot sector; partition 2 : ID=0xef, start-CHS (0x3ff,254,63), end-CHS (0x3ff,254,63), startsector 23120, 19924 sectors

Create CentOS 8 bootable USB by running the command:

sudo dd if=~/iso/CentOS-8-x86_64-1905-dvd1.iso of=/dev/sdb status=progress && sync


  • ~/iso/CentOS-8-x86_64-1905-dvd1.iso is the path to ISO file.
  • /dev/sdb is your usb device location.

Alternative tools for creating CentOS 8 bootable device are Etcher, PowerISO, WoeUSB, and Win32DiskImager.


For guys on Virtualized environments, just select creation of new VM and browse to the location of CentOS 8 ISO file.

Click “New“, give VM a name and choose OS type and version.

Complete other steps necessary to install CentOS 8 on VirtualBox.

For KVM:

Create New VM > Choose ISO > Assign resources >Finish

Step 3: Start CentOS 8 Installation

4.1 – Boot from your CentOS 8 installation media to start installation process.

4.2 – Select “Install CentOS Linux 8” from the list of options available. CentOS 8Anaconda installer will start in a short while.

4.3 – Choose installation language and click “Continue

4.4 – Under “Localization“, select your Keyboard layout, Language Support, Time and Date.

4.5 – Under “SOFTWARE” section, select installation type and optionally select Add-Ons to install for the selected environment.

The common installation types are:

  • Minimal Install – Minimal Server without GUI, for advanced Linux Sysadmins.
  • Workstation – For installation on Laptops and PCs.
  • Server with GUI – Server installation with Graphical interface for administration.

If you want to use CentOS Linux 8 as hypervisor, e.g running KVM only, then select “Virtualization Host“.

4.6 – Under “SYSTEM” section, Set:

Installation destination – Choose storage configuration.

Network and Hostname.

To set a static IP address, click “Configure“. For hostname setting, provide hostname value and hit “Apply“.

Confirm all settings are okay.

4.7 – When done with all the changes, begin installation.

4.8 – As the installation is starting, set root user password.

4.9 – Also add a new Admin user account under “User Creation”.

Provide user information details and tick “Make this user administrator“.

4.10 – When installation is complete, click Reboot.

Wait for the installation to complete then reboot the server/workstation to login to CentOS 8 environment.

4.11 – Select your CentOS 8 Linux installation from Grub menu to boot to your new system.

4.12 – On Initial Setup screen,

Accept License

Click “Finish Configuration“.

Login with admin account created.

Accept Gnome initial setup popups.

You’re ready to start using CentOS 8 Linux system.

Enable Cockpit Service – Optional

CentOS 8 ships with Cockpit web console which allows you to manage server from a web console. Check its installation on:

How To Manage CentOS 8 With Cockpit Web Admin Console

Update CentOS 8

Open your terminal and check for available updates.

$ sudo dnf check-update

To do actual update, run the command.

sudo dnf -y update

Customize Bash – How To Customize Bash on Linux with Bash-it

You have completed installation of CentOS 8 Linux server/workstation. Check out recommended books to help you get started.

Best Linux Books for Beginners 2019{text-align:left} img{margin:0 auto 0 0}

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