How To Install XAMPP on Fedora 30/29/28

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(: June 27, 2019)

This guide will walk you through the installation of XAMPP on Fedora 30/29/28. XAMPP is easy to install and use Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. It was originally created for Windows environments but can be run on Linux systems as well.

The recommended setup for Fedora and any other Linux systems is LAMP or LEMP stack. See our installation guide How to install LAMP Stack on Fedora. If you want to install XAMPP on Fedora 30/29, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Update system

Ensure your Fedora system is updated.{text-align:left} img{margin:0 auto 0 0}
sudo dnf -y update

Step 2: Download and Install XAMPP on Fedora 30/29/28

Once the system is updated, download XAMPP installer.

sudo dnf -y install wget

Give the package execution bit.

chmod +x

Run the installer.

$ sudo ./
Welcome to the XAMPP Setup Wizard.

Select the components you want to install; clear the components you do not want 
to install. Click Next when you are ready to continue.

XAMPP Core Files : Y (Cannot be edited)

XAMPP Developer Files [Y/n] : y

Is the selection above correct? [Y/n]: y

Installation Directory

XAMPP will be installed to /opt/lampp
Press [Enter] to continue:

Setup is now ready to begin installing XAMPP on your computer.

Do you want to continue? [Y/n]: y

Please wait while Setup installs XAMPP on your computer.

Follow installation screens.

1 – Accept setup wizard.

2 – Select the components to install

3 – Choose location where XAMPP packages will be installed.

4 – Agree to install XAMPP on Fedora

For a successful installation of XAMPP on Fedora, you should get an output which looks like below.

 0% ______________ 50% ______________ 100%

Setup has finished installing XAMPP on your computer.

Step 3: Start and use XAMPP on Fedora

XAMPP is installed to /opt/lampp/. To start XAMPP services, run:

$ sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start

That’s all on installing XAMPP on Fedora Desktop. To uninstall XAMPP on Fedora, run:

cd /opt/lampp
sudo ./uninstall
sudo rm-rf /opt/lampp{text-align:left} img{margin:0 auto 0 0}

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