How to Reboot a Server via Manage

Rebooting a server in Manage has been made incredibly easy, and only takes a few clicks. Further simplifying the process, multiple servers can be rebooted at the same time!

Pre-Flight Check

Step #1: Select the Servers for Reboot

Check the box for each server that you’d like to reboot:

Step #2: Begin the Reboot Process and Verify Which Servers are Selected

Click the Reboot button:

Verify that each server you’ve selected should be rebooted, then click Next:

Step #3: Scheduling
Because rebooting your server will disrupt the websites hosted on the server, you may want to schedule the reboot to happen when your server is less busy. To schedule the reboot for later, select the date and time from the calendar drop-down. If you would like to reboot immediately, just click Confirm.
Step #4: Notifications

In the Notifications section of Manage you’ll find the status of each server that is being rebooted!

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