Users via Command Line 101: Basic User Interaction
I. How to Add a User and Grant Root Privileges on Fedora 21
II. How to Remove (Delete) a User on Fedora 21
Pre-Flight Check
  • These instructions are intended specifically for removing a user on Fedora 21.
  • I’ll be working from a Web Self Managed Fedora 21 server, and I’ll be logged in as root.

Step 1: Delete the User

It’s just one simple command to add a user. In this case, we’re adding a user called mynewuser:

userdel mynewuser

If you want to remove all of the files for the user, then use -r:

userdel -r mynewuser

Step 2: Remove Root Privileges to the User


Find the following code:

## Allow root to run any commands anywhere
root ALL=(ALL) ALL
mynewuser ALL=(ALL) ALL

In this case, we’re removing root privileges from the user mynewuser . Remove the following:

mynewuser ALL=(ALL) ALL

Then exit and save the file with the key commands Ctrl-x, Y, enter.

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