How To Set BIND9 With Go Daddy Registered Domain

Q. I’ve 3 corporate domains registered with Go Daddy. Recently we setup our own nameserver using BIND9 under Linux. My setup is as follows: domain

However, when I try to change nameserver using Go Daddy domain control panel, I get an error that read as follows:

Errors were detected.

How do I configure my server to avoid errors?

A. Go daddy verifies your nameserver before making any changes to domain. There are two steps to avoid error.

WARNING! These examples requires properly configured and working BIND9 or any other dns servers. Unless you have a thorough understanding of this process, I recommend that you do not use this feature.

Step # 1: Make sure your nameserver configured properly

Login to each nameserver and type the following command:
$ host localhost
OR remotely test the same from your own computer, enter
$ host
$ host
$ host
$ host

You must get a valid answer from each of your nameserver including reverse dns (PTR).

Step # 2: Register nameserver hosts with Go Daddy

To set up your own Domain Name Server (DNS) service, you need to register your own hosts IP before changing domain name. This is common practice usually done by ISP admins. Go daddy provides the same feature via control panel.

a) Log in to your Go daddy Account Control Panel / Manager.

b) Select My Products section > click Manage Domains.

c) Click the domain ( for which you want to create a host.

d) In the Host Summary area at the bottom of the page, click the add hyperlink in the header.

(Fig.01: Click on Add hyperlink)

e) In the Host Name field, enter the host name you want to register. For example, enter ns1 as hostname.

f) In the Host IP fields, enter the IP address(es) you want to add to the host. For example, enter IP address.

(Fig.02: Add NS1, and NS2 IP address)

g) Click OK to save the changes. Repeat above steps to add all your nameserver IP addresss.

h) Now you can change nameserver without a problem.

Updated for accuracy.

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