How To Use wget With Username and Password for FTP / HTTP File Retrieval

How do I use GNU wget FTP or HTTP client tool to download files from password protected web pages on Linux or Unix-like system? Is there a way to download a file using username and password from a config file?

The gnu wget command supports username and password combo for both FTP and HTTP file retrieval.


The syntax is:
wget options url
wget --user=NAME --password='PASSWORD' url
wget --user=NAME --password='PASSWORD' ftp://url/path/
wget --user=NAME --password='PASSWORD' http://url/path/


  1. --user=userNameHere: Your FTP/HTTP username.
  2. --password=passWordHere: Your HTTP/FTP password.

Specify the username user and password password for both FTP and HTTP file retrieval. These parameters can be overridden using the --ftp-user and --ftp-password options for FTP connections and the --http-user and --http-password options for HTTP connections. To download a file called foo.pdf from domain, enter:
$ wget --user=vivek --password='myPassword'
wget --user=vivek --ask-password
Sample outputs:

Fig.01: wget command in action with HTTP auth.

Ask for a password

The passwords on the command line are visible using ps command. This is a security feature. Pass the --ask-password option to pompt for a password for each connection established. Cannot be specified when --password is being used, because they are mutually exclusive:
$ wget --user=vivek --ask-password

How do I read username and password from a file?

This is a security feature. Create a ~/.wgetrc file. The syntax is as follows to store login credentials:

$ cat ~/.wgetrc

Of course, you can configure separate FTP and HTTP credentials as follows too:

$ cat ~/.wgetrc

Make sure only you can read the ~/.wgetrc file:
$ chmod 0400 ~/.wgetrc
$ chown vivek:vivek ~/.wgetrc

Please note that storing unencrypted passwords is also considered a security risk.

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