HowTo: Linux Play Video CD

How do I play video cd under Linux operating systems? How do I play .dat file under Linux?

VCDs are lower quality than a DVD. You can use any one of the following media player:

  • mplayer
  • VLC

mplayer: VCD playback

To play 1st track, enter (/dev/sr0 is your cdrom)
mplayer vcd://2 -cdrom-device /dev/sro

vlc: VCD Playback

To play vcd under Linux, enter:
vlc vcd:///dev/sr0
Replace /dev/sr0 with your actual device name such as /dev/dvd or /dev/hdc. Alternatively, you can use vlc File > Open Disk > VCD option to play vcds gui option.

How Do I Play .DAT File?

The .dat is not a real file. MS-Windows can play .dat file using some sort of iso9660 driver emulation. Linux cannot play .dat file. However, newer cdfs kernel driver can be used for the same. See Linux kernel cdfs documentation for more information. Use mplayer or vlc vcd:// format to play VCDs under Linux.

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