Howto: Linux see new fiber channel attached disk LUNs without rebooting

Q. How do I force fdisk to see new fiber channel attached disk LUNs without rebooting my Linux server or system?

A. Hot swapping or hot plugging is the ability to remove and replace components of a machine, usually a computer, while it is operating. Once the appropriate software is installed on the computer, a user can plug and unplug the component without rebooting.

You can add new SCSI device to a Linux system through SCSI hotplug mechanism.

Type the following command as root user:

$ echo "scsi add-single-device 1 2 3 4">/proc/scsi/scsi


  • 1 – HBA number
  • 2 – channel id on the HBA
  • 3 – SCSI ID of the new device
  • 4 – LUN of the new device

You need to replace 1,2,3,4 with actual values or parameters as per above list.

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