HowTo: Linux Send a Gratuitous ARPs Requests [ Networking ]

How do I send gratuitous ARPs under Linux? How do I tell my DUMMY router that the IP is over here now, under Linux operating systems?

You can use the arping command to send a gratuitous reply using the -A option. arping can send ARP REQUEST to a neighbor host:
# arping -U {IP-HERE} -I {Interface-Name-HERE}
# arping -A -c {Number} -I {Interface-Name-HERE}
# arping -U -I eth1

The following command will send a Gratuitous ARP reply, four times, on the eth1 interface for IP address
# arping -c 4 -A -I eth1


  1. -A : ARP reply
  2. -C 4: Send it four times
  3. -I eth1: Use eth1 interface
  4. Replace this with your actual IP address.

Finally, use the arp command to verify the same:
# arp -a

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