Howto reset Admin account locked out of Plesk Control Panel

September 8, 2019

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Q. My admin user account locked due to multiple failed logins. How do I reset Admin account which is in locked status under Plesk Control Panel?

A. The Plesk software package is a commercial web hosting automation solution by SWsoft. It is comprehensive server management software that manages all systems and applications for Web-Hosting on a single server.

For your safety Plesk lock out admin account after multiple failed logins. There are two ways to fix this problem.

If you are using Linux/UNIX server

a) Wait for 30-45 minutes and your admin account will be automatically reset.

b) If you can not wait for 30 minutes simply login over ssh and type the following command to reset plesk admin
# mysql -u admin -p psa
You need to provide current admin password.
At mysql prompt type the command:
mysql> delete from lockout where login = 'admin';

If you are using Windows Server type the following command:

a) Connect using terminal server or VNC

b) Click on Start > Run and type the command cmd > Press [Enter] key

c) At a command prompt type the command:
C:>Program FilesSWsoftPleskMySQLbinmysql.exe -u admin –p PASSWORD -P8306 -D psa -e "DELETE FROM lockout"

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