Linux 64 bit Server

Q. Can you tell me more about Linux 64-bit server distribution for production webhosting environment?

A. 64 bit is computer architecture which allows at most 8 octets or 64 bits at a time. This also include 64 bit CPU, ALU, address buses, data buses and registers of that size. 64 bit system can handle 16 exabytes of RAM.

64 Bit Operating systems Support

Most operating systems must be extensively modified to take advantage of the new architecture. Linux kernel is already modified and well supported for 64 bit applications. Linux considered as the first operating system kernel to run the x86-64 architecture in long mode.

64 Bit Application Support

All application software must also be ported to use the new capabilities of 64 bit system. However, older software is usually supported through either a hardware compatibility mode or through software emulation. The operating systems for those 64-bit architectures generally support both 32-bit and 64-bit applications including Linux.

Recommend Linux 64 bit Server Distributions

64-bit Linux allows up to 128 TB of address space for individual processes, and can address approximately 246 (64 TB) of physical memory, subject to processor and system limitations. Select 64 bit Linux as per your requirements:

If you are a business or an enterprise customer and needs support

  1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64 bit Server Edition Version 5.x or above
  2. Novell Suse Linux Enterprise Server 64 bit Edition Version 10.x or above

If you are a business and needs no support OR non-profit / educational institute

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