Linux Boot Disk under Redhat or Fedora Linux

Q: How do I create a boot disk under RedHat or Fedora Linux distributions.

A: You need to use mkbootdisk command to creates a stand-alone boot disk floppy for the running system. This command works under both Red Hat Linux /RHEL and Fedora Linux.
This command creates a boot floppy appropriate for the running system or kernel. The boot disk is entirely self-contained, and includes an initial ramdisk image which loads any necessary SCSI modules for the system. The created boot disk looks for the root filesystem on the device suggested by /etc/fstab. The only required argument is the kernel
version to put onto the boot floppy.

(a) Put a floppy disk into drive

(b) Type following command to create a boot disk:

# mkbootdisk $(uname -r)


Insert a disk in /dev/fd0. Any information on the disk will be lost.
Press  to continue or ^C to abort:

(c) If you would like to use second floppy disk then use command as follows:

# mkbootdisk –device /dev/fd1 $(uname -r)

(d) You can also instructs this command to make a bootable ISO image as devicefile:

# mkbootdisk –iso $(uname -r)

Then you can burn ISO image to CDR/CDRW.

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