Linux Duplicate packages when querying the rpm databases

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Q. Why do I see Duplicate packages name while querying the rpm database with rpm -qa command? For example when I type following command I see few Duplicate packages:
rpm -qa | grep package

How do I get rid of this problem? I am using Fedora Core 64 bit version on AMD dual core server.

A. This is not big thing / bug and it is a common to have multiple rpm package names.

There are different RPM file exists for different architectures. For example i386 for 32 bit system and x86_64 64 bit system. You can install 32 bit package on 64 bit system in some cases for backward compatibility.

Use following command instead of rpm -qa | grep package:
# rpm -qa --queryformat "%{NAME}-%{VERSION}-%{ARCH} \n" | grep openssl | sortOutput:


Now you will able to see architectures along with package name. Use architectures name while adding or removing rpm files. For example if you just want to add xmlsec1-openssl i386 architectures rpm:
# rpm -ivh xmlsec1-openssl-1.2.6-3.i386
Or remove the same (if installed):
# rpm -e xmlsec1-openssl-1.2.6-3.i386

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