Linux Move a print job from one queue to another

September 8, 2019

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Q. I have two queues. Under Windows it is very easy to move a print job from one queue to another. But how do I move a print job from one queue to another under Linux computer or server?

A. You need to use lpmove command which is use to move a job or all jobs to a new destination i.e. from one queue to another queue. Job can be the job ID number or the old destination and job ID.

For example, if you have a job called FOO on the queue called Q1 and wanted to move it to Q2, then type following command:

# lpmove FOO Q2

You can specify username using -U option:

# lpmove -U vivek FOO Q2

  • -U vivek: Specifies an alternate username (vivek)

You can also use webbased user interface instead of command line:

  • http://localhost:631
  • http://server-ip:631/

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