Linux vmware VPS server routing problem

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Q. My service provider (EV1 and softlayer) provides total 5 public IP address using private VLAN. I have installed VMWARE on CentOS Linux and setup bridged networking. Next I had assigned one of the secondary public IP to vmware guest os. But I am unable to connect outside world? How do I solve this problem? My IP address range:

Primary IP: eth0:
Secondary IP: eth1: –

A. To route traffic over VLAN from secondary IP address you need bind one of secondary IP address to router. So if you have total 5 secodary IP address you need to burn 3 IP address for VLAN/router. It will result into 2 usable public IP address. Ask your service provider to burn and route public address via private VLAN.

Another choice is to use VMWARE NAT feature. It allows you to use existing gateway / router IP to router traffic between VMWARE guest os over VLAN to rest of the world.

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