Mac OS X: Restart / Stop / Start Apache2

How do I restart Apache 2 web server under Apple Mac OS X UNIX operating systems?

You need to use the apachectl command which nothing but a front end to the Apache 2 (HTTP) server. It is designed to help the administrator control the functioning of the Apache httpd daemon.

Open a terminal and use the following commands.

Task: Restart Apache2 Under Mac OS X

sudo apachectl -k restart

sudo apachectl -k restart

Sample session:

Fig.01: Restarting Apache 2 under Mac Os X Using command line options

The second command netstat -at | grep LISTEN verifies that port 80 (HTTP) is open and working fine.

Task: Stop Apache2 Under Mac OS X

sudo apachectl -k stop

sudo apachectl -k stop

Task: Start Apache2 Under Mac OS X

sudo apachectl -k start

sudo apachectl -k start

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