Managing Distribution Lists on Zimbra Mail Server

(: February 20, 2019)

Welcome to our guide on Managing Distribution Lists on Zimbra Mail Server. Zimbra is among the most used Email collaboration systems. It has proven to be a reliable, scalable open source email solution. In this blog post, we’re going to look at Managing Distribution Lists on Zimbra Mail Server. We’ll look at operating distribution lists using CLI and from the web interface.

What are Distribution lists?

A distribution list can be referred as a group of mail recipients that is addressed as a single recipient. Distribution lists are used to send an e-mail to groups of people without having to enter each recipient’s individual address. This an important feature for departments in a company. A support department can have their distribution list, one for the sales department, one for billing e.t.c. Members of these departments will then be placed on the distribution list.

Creating distribution List on Zimbra

To create a distribution list using Zimbra command line, run the command:{text-align:left} img{margin:0 auto 0 0}
$ sudo su - zimbra
$ zmprov cdl  [email protected]

The same can be done on UI by navigating to Manage > Distribution Lists, click at the top right settings icon, then New. 

Fill in the name with the domain, optional display name, and description. You can also add members on UI using the Find search box. Check the other details under Properties, Aliases, Member Of, Preferences and fill as you desire.

Add members to a distribution list on Zimbra

Now that you have created a distribution list, it is time to add members to it. A distribution list without members is useless.

Add members to a distribution list on CLI:

$ sudo su - zimbra
$ zmprov adlm [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Add members to a distribution list on Zimbra UI:

The same can be done on UI if you prefer working from the UI. Navigate to Manage > Distribution Lists > Member, click on the name of the distribution list, Add Members to this list. On the Search box enter first few letters of the user. Click the name on the results > Add Selected. Once added, the user will appear under List Members page. Once done click the save button at the top.

List Distribution Lists on Zimbra

To get a list of all added distribution lists on the CLI, run the command.

$ sudo su - zimbra
$ zmprov gadl

To get a list of distribution lists under a domain, use:

$ zmprov gadl

On UI.

A list of distribution lists is shown on Manage > Distribution Lists, list of members is found under the distribution list name List Members section.

Rename Distribution Lists on Zimbra

You can as well rename a distribution list anytime you want using the command:

$ zmprov rdl [email protected] [email protected]

Above command will rename a distribution list [email protected] to [email protected]

On the UI interface, it is easily changed by clicking on the Distribution list and change the value of List name then save the changes.

Delete a Distribution List on Zimbra

In case you no longer need a distribution list and would like to delete it, use the command:

$ zmprov ddl [email protected]

From the dashboard, click on the name of the distribution list, then go to settings > Delete.

Delete a Distribution List Member on Zimbra

If you just one to remove a member from a distribution list, use:

$ zmprov rdlm [email protected] [email protected]

From UI click on distribution list name > List Members > Select member > Remove selected > save.

Grant Send As DL permission on Zimbra.

The sendAsDistList Right can be granted to  User, Group, Domain or All Users to send as a Distribution List account.

Granting for individual user – usr:

$ zmprov grr dl [email protected] usr [email protected] sendAsDistList

Granting for a group – grp:

$ zmprov grr dl [email protected] grp [email protected] sendAsDistList

Granting for a domain – dom :

$ zmprov grr dl [email protected] dom sendAsDistList

Hope this guide on Managing Distribution Lists on Zimbra Mail Server was helpful. If you feel we have anything missing let me know, I’ll be happy to update.

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