This tutorial will show you how to manage your suspended accounts page in WHM. This page is the one shown to a visitor when attempting to access a domain of a suspended account. The default page used for this is fairly generic and for some this may not be ideal. By customizing this page you can create a more personal experience for your suspended cPanel accounts.

Editing the Page Inline

  1. With WHM opened in your browser, (a) type ‘Web Template Editor’ into the search box. This will sort the menu options for you, (b) now find and click “Web Template Editor” from the list.
  2. With the Web Template Editor open you will find various default pages that you can make adjustments and customization to. In this case you will click “Account Suspended” to open the tab to adjust the account suspended page.

    In order to edit this page you will need to have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  3. Once you have completed making the changes you’d like you can then click the “Save” button found below the text area.

Uploading an HTML Document

In some cases you may not want to simply modify the default WHM Account Suspended page. You may either plan to make vast number of changes, or you may already have another page created. When that’s the case, you can create the HTML page locally and then upload the file instead of manually making the changes.

  1. The process begins the same as when making manual edits, using the directions above get to the Web Template Editor page and click “Account Suspended”. Now on the Web Template Editor with the Account Suspended tab open, scroll down to the area below the textarea. You will find a subsection titled: “Upload Your Own Template”.
  2. Click the ‘Browse’ button and use the file selection window to navigate to the file you’d like to upload.
  3. With a file selected for upload you are now ready to click the “Upload Template” button.

    Once you hit the upload button you will be presented with a confirmation page.
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