Philippines Investigates Crypto Firm over Use of Politician’s Name

The Philippines’ Department of Justice (DOJ) has ordered an investigation into a cryptocurrency firm that allegedly used the name of Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III in order to lure clients.

The politician, commonly known as “Koko” Pimentel, was allegedly misrepresented by Digital Currency Co. Ltd. and Boy Joven in a cryptocurrency venture called Philippine Global Coin, according to a department order released yesterday, as reported by ABS CBN News.

Denying any affiliation with the cryptocurrency firm, Pimentel stated that there is “no partnership” between him and the firm, or the senate and the firm.

He further said in a statement released Monday that he was shocked at the Digital Currency Co. Ltd’s “bold claims,” and added that he had met company representatives, but only as a “matter of courtesy to visitors.”

Pimentel further warned international Filipino workers to be careful over such cases where, names of government officials and organizations are used in investment schemes.

He said:

“The government will never engage in activities that will profit off their sacrifices and hard work. Always check with the Philippine Embassy to verify individual claims of this nature.”

The order stated that, if sufficient evidence is found to support the case, appropriate charges should be filed against the company.

Image via Koko Pimental

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