Powerful Windows Apps for Students

Technology and education go hand by hand. Modern students have access to various Windows apps across their devices. This article will give you some recommendations which apps are useful for educational needs. Once you’ve picked up the right Windows apps, they will help you complete homework, gain new skills and knowledge, increase educational outcome, and help relax after a stressful exam session.

All the apps described in this article help save time. However, students are overloaded with tasks. If you have to write an essay in a short time frame and you do not know where to start, check Samples-Edusson, which is the place to refer to when you need help with writing academic papers.

Discover some powerful applications for Windows, which will be handy during the academic year:

1. OneNote

It is best for taking notes with rich features. You can use it for taking notes during lectures, which will improve your learning outcome. The app gathers information efficiently thanks to numerous functions. You can collect multimedia and text content for better structuring and managing ideas. Use a navigation bar, organize notes, and jump between notebooks. It is possible to embed tables, charts, screen clippings, handwritten text, and equations. You will face no problems to integrate the app with other Microsoft Office apps. Do not forget that you can assign references to MS Word docs, a PowerPoint presentation, transfer tasks to email, or insert spreadsheets into Excel files.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is a popular office suite with cloud storage, which is used by millions of students all around the world. It is essential for students to have access to their documents, presentations, and creations across many portative devices. Google Drive enables students to work directly in the cloud. Google Drive comes with a suite of apps: Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. Using Google Docs, you can write, for example, a college essay on poverty. Once students have access to the internet, they can refer to professional writing services and get help there. Using Sheets is useful for studying mathematics or statistics, and Google Slides is an excellent tool for making eye-catching presentations. Once you’ve downloaded Google Drive, you can sync/share all your documents with teachers and mates.

3. Anki Flashcards

No matter what you are studying, the subject will involve a lot of reading, taking notes, writing, and memorization. Students have many subjects to learn, and they can quickly forget things. Anki Flashcards is an app, which will help you remember things easier. By using the app, you can create decks and note cards, which will include as many items as you wish. You can use Edubirdie.com to check for content Plagiarism. Every card can be customized. You can locate, view, and edit notes. The Anki Flashcards app supports active recall and a spaced repetition technique, which is designed to store new knowledge in your long-term memory.

4. myHomework

If you are looking for a powerful student planner app, check out MyHomework, which will help you organize all your activities. Using the myHomework app, students will never confuse or miss classes, schedules, or Homework. The app is designed to have an overview of an entire course schedule and a calendar showing all your assignments. On the homepage, there is a summary of the classes, which have already been attended and a list of upcoming assignments. In the calendar section, you have an overview of appointments or classes. The homework section offers you three listings: Complete, late, and upcoming.

5. Wolfram Alpha

We use Google to get information, but sometimes it is not enough for students who want to have access to unique information. Wolfram Alpha is an app which works as a computational search engine. It is designed to calculate pro-level answers with its unique algorithm, knowledgebase, and artificial intelligence. You will complete your research much faster and more comfortable with the Wolfram Alpha app. Use it for searching for any specific information, such as statistics, data analysis, units, science, mathematics, and you will get detailed facts and figures in no time.

6. Polar Bookshelf

Polar Bookshelf is a useful Windows app, which works as a document manager for web content, articles, and books. It allows students to keep their reading materials in one place. The app supports tags, annotations, and flashcards. It enables you to highlight paragraphs, which will be displayed in the annotation sidebar. Users can add comments and flashcards, as well as jump to your annotations. Using the Chrome extension, it is possible to save HTML content.


With the right applications for Windows, students can easily plan, write, organize, and focus on relevant subjects. Most of the applications described in this article are free of charge. They should become a significant part of your educational toolkit. They will save time for busy students who understand that time management is the key to balance studies and life in general.