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Q. Can you tell me more about Linux certification, especially Red Hat Certification program? Recently we started to use Red Hat Enterprise Linux at work and shifting from Windows 2000 / 2003 for mail, web and proxy application. Can you give me details about Red Hat training program?

A. Red Hat offers Linux based free and open source software. They are considered as a major Linux distribution maker (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). It is well supported Linux distribution for commercial purpose. Each version is valid for 7 years after its release and they also provides Linux training / certification via Red Hat Certification Program. The certificate is highly recognized in industry and very popular among the IT / IDC staff members.

You will learn Linux related skills such as:

  • System admin
  • User management
  • Package management
  • Networking
  • Popular service configuration such as Mail, Web server, Proxy, File server etc
  • Security and Firewall
  • Optimization etc

All Red hat tests are hands-on and involve troubleshooting, installation, and system administration. You need to write exam on a live system and network. You need to perform various task such as configure service or or troubleshoot a problem. In short, you need to solve and perform real-world tasks.

Red Hat Certification Types

The most common and well-known Red Hat certification is the Red Hat Certified Engineer.

  1. Red Hat Certified Technician ( RHCT ) – Entry level and good for small shop or single sever admin job
  2. Red Hat Certified Engineer ( RHCE ) – RHCT + server management + services and security.
  3. Red Hat Certified Security Specialist – RHCT + RHCE + Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) + Red Hat Directory Server.

I recommend Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) as a start point and move to upper level. Red hat also providers 4 day hands on Linux training followed by exam on 5th day. Depend upon your current expertise you can join standard track or rapid track training program at Red hat itself. Red Hat training web site offers full details about exam, schedule and other information.

There are other certificates like “Linux Professional Institute” and “CompTIA Linux+“. But since you are using / planning to use Red Hat, I recommend RHCE.

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