Style is King in BitFlyer Block Explorer Release

BitFlyer has released a new block explorer that it hopes will provide a more colorful and robust offering amidst the growing landscape for online bitcoin tools.

Dubbed chainFlyer, the visualizer provides an illustrated environment in which users can examine individual bitcoin transactions, inspect completed blocks on the bitcoin ledger and search for information on the blockchain.

Transactions are depicted as multicolored charms that descend from the top of the screen, chiming when they fall to the browser floor. In turn, blocks are pictured as boxes that can be opened and examined for transaction information.

Overall, the block explorer seems to prioritize style over function, though it has goals of appealing to a more technical audience as well, with tags that allow users to save searches.

CEO Yuzo Kano told CoinDesk:

”This is very similar to except we have the scrypts and commands of each transaction.”

Kano acknowledged that such an in-depth look into the bitcoin ledger would be for more technical audiences. However, he expressed his hope that the animated and musical nature of the site would inspire those who lack a technical background but are curious about the blockchain to take a closer look.

BitFlyer has so far raised $2.9m over three rounds of fundraising.

Images via BitFlyer

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