SUSE Linux: Install RPM File And Packages

Suse Linux is similar to RPM based Linux distro such as RHEL but does not comes with yum command. How do I install a rpm file or packages such as Apache or PHP under Suse Enterprise / OpenSuse Linux?

You need to use YaST (Yet another Setup Tool), in the openSUSE or Suse Enterprise Linux distribution.

Installing RPM In SLES

Simply use the following syntax to install rpm file as root user:
rpm -ivh file.rpm
yast2 -i file.rpm

Installing Binary Packages In SLES

The yum or up2date command can be used to install pakages from RHN or repos. The yast2 command can be used to install binary packages too as follows:
yast2 -i packageName
yast2 -i apache2
yast2 -i php5 php5-curl php5-fastcgi php5-gd php5-mysql php5-openssl php5-pear php5-zlib

Install Packages Using TUI or GUI Tools In SLES

Just type yast or yast2 comamnd to start yast in TUI (text based user interface over ssh session) or GUI mode:
yast2 -i
You can now select and install all supported packages. You can use the same system to remove or delete packages.

Installing RPM Files Using KDE GUI

You can install an RPM file in KDE. First, browse to where the RPM is located. Next, right-click the RPM file. From the menu, select ACTIONS, and then INSTALL WITH YAST. You need supply the root password.

Or you can just double click on the RPM file and it will allow you to install the same.

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