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How to use ps

How to use ps

The command ps reports a snapshot of a system’s current processes. The ps command is very useful at getting a snapshot overview of what processes are currently running on a system.  This information can be extremely useful for attempting to discover what is causing a server to behave sluggishly. In order to maximize the information…

How to Install and Configure Git on CentOS 7

Introduction Git is an open source, distributed version control system (VCS). It’s commonly used for source code management (SCM), with sites like GitHub offering a social coding experience, and popular projects such as Perl, Ruby on Rails, and the Linux kernel using it. Pre-Flight Check These instructions are intended for installing Git on CentOS 7….

How to Remove (Delete) a User on Ubuntu 16.04

User management includes removing users who no longer need access, removing their username and any associate root privileges are necessary for securing your server. Deleting a user’s access to your Linux server is a typical operation which can easily be performed using a few commands.   Pre-flight Check We are logged in as root on…