Unanimous Vote Advances Blockchain Bill in Arizona Legislature


Lawmakers in the lower chamber of Arizona’s legislature have unanimously advanced a bill that enshrines blockchain signatures and smart contracts under state law.

HB 2417 was introduced earlier this month by by state representative Jeff Weninger. According to public records, two committees in the Arizona House of Representatives unanimously approved the bill, with both caucuses giving their support as well.

On 22nd February, the House voted 59-0 to pass the bill, with one representative not voting. Yesterday, the measure was formally submitted to the Arizona Senate.

The bill notably included language regarding smart contracts, or self-executing contracts built on a blockchain, stating:

“Smart contracts may exist in commerce. A contract relating to a transaction may not be denied legal effect, validity or enforceability solely because that contract contains a smart contract term.”

The Arizona bill’s success mirrors that of a blockchain study bill being advanced by two lawmakers in Hawaii. That proposal, which seeks to study how the tech can be used to benefit the state, unanimously passed the lower house Hawaii’s legislature earlier this week.

Elsewhere, however, legislation focused on the tech hasn’t been so successful.

In North Dakota, lawmakers put the brakes on a proposal to study bitcoin regulation after it had initially cleared the state legislature’s upper chamber. On 23rd February, public records show, the state’s Industry, Business and Labor Committee Committee recommended that the bill should not pass in its current form.

Image Credit: Nagel Photography / Shutterstock.com

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