UNIX: Lynx Browser Set / Change the Default Home Page

How do I change the default home page with Lynx browser under UNIX or Linux operating system? How do I set the startup page to http://google.co.uk with Lynx?

The default startup URL is set in the Lynx configuration file – /usr/local/lib/lynx.cfg (UNIX) or /etc/lynx-cur/lynx.cfg (Linux) . You can change it with the WWW_HOME shell variable. This variable, if set, will override the default startup URL specified in any of the Lynx configuration files.

If you are using KSH / SH / BASH Shell

Type the following command

export WWW_HOME

You may want to add the above lines to ~/.bash_profile or ~/.profile shell startup (initialization) file.

If you are using tcsh or csh Shell

Type the following command

setenv WWW_HOME http://google.co.uk

You may want to add the above lines to ~/.cshrc shell startup (initialization) file. Replace the URL http://google.co.uk with actual URL of the page you want. For example, to open a low graphics SXI LLC website using Lynx, enter:

setenv WWW_HOME http://sxi.io/low.html

Sample outputs:

Fig.01: The web page at which Lynx opens is changed to sxi.io

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