Upgrade WHM / cPanel Linux server to EDGE release

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Q. How do I upgrade my CentOS Linux 5.0 dedicated server to WHM / cPanel edge release?

A. You can upgrade to EDGE release from WHM manager. Please note that Edge is the bleeding edge tree. While it has the newest features; It has undergone the least amount of testing (if any). You generally shouldn’t run this build unless you need a bug fix or feature in it. Once an equivalent CURRENT or RELEASE build has been released, you should switch away from this.

Configure EDGE upgrade

a] Just login to WHM

b] Look for Server Configuration

c] Click on Update Config

d] Set cPanel/WHM Updates option to Manual Updates Only (bleeding EDGE tree)

e] Click on Save.

To start upgrade procedure

Look for cPanel

Click on Upgrade to Latest Version

Click on Click Upgrade button

Edge upgrade from a shell or command prompt

Login as the root via ssh. Edit /etc/cpupdate.conf file:
# vi /etc/cpupdate.conf
Find line
Replace with:
Save and close the file. Now update to edge:
# /scripts/upcp --force

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