Using The One-Time Secret Tool In Manage

In order for one of our clients to start using the ‘one time secret’ tool within manage, you will need to login to the Manage portal to get started. Typically, passwords are not meant to be shared. Unfortunately, sometimes you will need to share a password or other sensitive data with the support admin you are working with. Regrettably, trying to pass along individuals character over the phone can be frustrating, annoying, and overly time consuming, and more so when a password is long and if the phone has a bad connection.

So, what can we do when it is time to share a password with support? Using the One Time Secret tool in your Web account allows you and your Heroic Support admin to share a password in a safe and secure manner that will enable them access to your password or other sensitive data.

The One Time Secret tool is also useful when you need us to change a server’s root password for you or, we need a cpanel password to assist you with a support request.

The username and IP address of the secret submitter are kept in logs stored internally, as well as timestamps for submission, and retrieval or expiration.

So, how do we access and utilize this tool? Let’s jump right in…

  1. Log into your Web account.
  2. From the home page of your account, click on Account in the left side menu and then, one the “Secrets” tab.
    One Time Secret is not available for HIPAA customers.
  3. This will open the One-Time Secret home page.
  4. Click Create New One-Time Secret.
  5. Enter the message or password you need to share with us. This will encrypt the message and store it in an internal database.
  6. Click Submit One-Time Secret to save your password. Click the link below to view the secure one-time secret.

Both you and the admin can now view the password. Passwords are decrypted when the secret is viewed.

Your secret is only viewable once before it is removed forever. Additionally, if the secret is not viewed within 24 hours, it is removed from the One Time Secret tool.

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