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YouTubers Going into Hiding Mode as Attack on Crypto Continues

YouTubers Going into Hiding Mode as Attack on Crypto Continues 101
Source: iStock/FotoGraphik

YouTube has continued the attack against crypto-related videos, and the events in the past two days have made some content creators hide their videos, or just abandoned crypto content altogether. Others are calling for a YouTube boycott.

As previously reported, the Google-owned American video-sharing giant has been restricting some crypto-related videos. Many more people based in different countries are alleging that one or more of their videos have been removed and that they’ve received strikes, though they claim they haven’t breached the community guidelines or updated terms of service. Crypto exchange Binance started a Twitter thread for people to link such channels and YouTuber Omar Bham (Crypt0) shared a list of the channels allegedly affected.

Now, Boxmining (196,000 subscribers) and DataDash (328,000 subscribers) channels, for example, show no content, as the creators have set their videos to private. Ivan on Tech channel (211,000 subscribers) also states that the videos are private. Nicholas Merten (he runs DataDash) said he set his videos private “to avoid another unjustified strike.” He too got ‘harmful content’ as the reason. Meanwhile, Cyber MacGyver posted on Reddit that, after receiving a strike recorded as violation and seeing his video removed with no explanation except ‘Inappropriate Content,’ he deleted all of his Bitcoin videos.

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